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An organization is made outstanding by the talented people it attracts. The process to seek out these people, qualify their skills and then determine if they are serious contenders can be time consuming, costly and distracting. We provide the following services to bring talented individuals to our clients.

1. We consult with the hiring authorities to glean a thorough understanding of the position. During this phase we not only address the description of duties but also work up the ideal profile of the person best suited for success.

2. Next we research and compile an appropriate list of people from our existing database. The candidates we ultimately present to you will most likely come as a result of referrals twice removed from our initial contacts.

3. After identifying the best fits we qualify the candidates based on an extensive investigation of the candidate's work history as well as their personality make-up and above all the candidates' true motivations for wanting to make a change.

4. Our clients receive weekly updates until we're able to present only the most qualified candidates for the particular position.

5. Next we present the candidates to the hiring authority detailing why we believe a dialog is appropriate. Since resumes are never sufficiently informative for us to make a judgment and since our candidates are usually not on the job market, resumes will not be immediately available. However, once an interview is scheduled (over the phone or in person) a resume will be supplied before the meeting. Sometimes with relatively happy employees the realization of an interview will prompt them to write their resumes with a higher priority.

6. Once an appointment is set up we prepare the candidate with job description details so both parties can make the most profitable use of the interview time. In parallel with this step we prepare the hiring authority with the candidate's career goals.

7. Before all interviews we counsel the candidate on the statistically proven ills of accepting counteroffers.

8. Soon after the interview we debrief both parties to determine if the process should be taken to the next step. The client's fresh impressions of our candidates are as meaningful to us as how they judge that person's qualifications.

9. After a successful first interview and before the second interview we conduct reference checks and supply the client with names and numbers as well as noteworthy comments.

10. Finally, we conclude the hire successfully by consulting with the client before presenting and selling the offer to the candidate. There can be nothing as frustrating as when the ideal candidate turns down an offer. The personnel at PSS have a 97% success rate in getting offers accepted the first time.

In addition to the above services, some clients encourage us to keep them apprised of outstanding candidates even though a position may not be open. If you would like to be added to this list please contact Michael Foy.

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