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Publishing Search Solutions is in the business of strengthening our client publishing companies by seeking out talented people for them to hire. A fortunate and important by-product of this activity is to enhance the careers of the candidates we find.

We are matchmakers whose long term success depends on our ability to put people into career opportunities where they can succeed. Our most satisfying achievements come from understanding a candidate's personal career goals and matching them with an appropriate organization. To help talented candidates we use our contacts within an organization to gain admittance where an individual's own efforts may be frustrated by complex personnel procedures. Once this is accomplished our charter shifts to shepherding the candidate through the process while building a case for hire with our clients. Ultimately, our goal is to glean the optimum offer for the appropriate candidates thus providing an attractive option for them to consider.

With regard to resumes it is important to note that they are excellent indicators of dates, places, duties and if written correctly accomplishments. However, they are very poor indicators of personal career goals. For this reason PSS considers them secondary to the information we can glean from the following form. If you'd like to be added to our list in order to be made aware of personally exciting opportunities please fill out this form completely and e-mail it to us.