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The decision to use a professional recruiting service will remove a large portion of the search burden from our clients. It will also yield a high proportion of matches since we talk directly to the people we target for your particular opportunity. Typically we'll present only between one and four candidates that most closely meet your criteria.

Most clients have to rely on more indirect means to get the word out about an opening and then hope that an appropriate candidate will respond. It is not unusual for us to ultimately place people that have seen an ad for a position but failed to achieve the level of interest to respond until we approach them directly.

We bring formidable advantages to bear on your search assignment but before investing in our services, have you:

1. Eliminated the possibility of internal promotion?

2. Considered disseminating the duties to the current staff?

3. Advertised with no results?

4. Exhausted your own network for finding the right person?

5. Been unsatisfied with the people you've interviewed?

6. Anticipate a protracted search for a uniquely talented individual?

The answers to these questions will indicate whether specialized recruiting help is needed. Call today to consult with a publishing specialist at PSS. We will then kick off a search to achieve the goals you set for this hire.