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First, a word on fees in general. The clients who find our services to be a good investment are those that have already eliminated the obvious solutions or anticipate a time consuming search campaign for a uniquely talented individual. For an indication as to whether your search warrants professional recruiting help please refer to the six questions under the For Employers tab.

Publishing Search Solutions conducts 2 levels of searches.

I. Contingency

No cost to interview anyone we refer to you. A fee of 30% of the candidate's first year's income is incurred if and only if you hire one of our candidates.

Also note that Publishing Search Solutions only works proactively on exclusive searches. An exclusive search is where we are the only recruiter involved.

Even for positions outside our scope, we advise clients against a non-exclusive search since desirable candidates consider an opportunity diminished if they feel it is common knowledge. Being approached by two or more recruiters about the same position risks that perception.

II. Engaged

An initial investment of $5,000.00 engages our services to conduct a proactive search. This is deducted from the total service charge of 25% upon hiring one of our candidates.

Most publishing houses feel that this type of search is best reserved for upper level executive searches. Indeed, the vast majority of our engaged searches are for candidates with minimum salaries of $100,000 per year.

However, when a client is faced with a specialized niche position, no matter what the level of seniority, an engaged search should be considered. We have conducted engaged searches for candidates with salaries as low as $35,000 per year.

Why would a client choose an engaged over a contingent search?

Engaged searches become top priority. The initial payment indicates a level of commitment on our clients' part that warrants bringing all our research and resources to bear on the assignment first.

Since engaged searches guarantees a return on our expended efforts the total fee would be 25% instead of 30%. A 16.7% discount from our contingent searches.

Also engaged searches permits the words "I've been retained by" when approaching talented candidates. Statistically, this not only allows us to attract a higher percentage of our target group but helps us promote a higher level of enthusiasm and interest.


Provided the full amount of the invoice is paid within 10 days of the candidate's start date, we will provide services to replace the candidate at no additional cost should the employee leave or be terminated from the company within 10 weeks from the date of starting work. This guarantee is not applicable in the event that the employment is terminated because the employer has insufficient work for the employee. This guarantee is to allow you to satisfy yourself that the candidate has the requisite experience and qualifications, and that information provided by the candidate and other sources, directly or through us, is accurate. This guarantee shall be your sole remedy.

Michael Foy, President

Publishing Search Solutions